Pride In WeHo

Pride week in West Hollywood. I've never seen such happiness, so many colors and felt so much positivity in my entire life. I didn't know what to expect from this weekend, but the experience exceeded any expectations that I had.

So we decided to buy wristbands in advance to participate in the festival events. They were $50 for the entire weekend, which was a bit pricey but I feel was worth it after reflecting.

We entered the festival grounds to be welcomed by extravagant beverages, food, outfits and personalities. We were bombarded with colors and smiling people. There were all kinds of people there representing every sexual orientation. Seeing diversity like this in one place was incredibly refreshing. Even though everyone was different, we all shared one thing. We were all smiling and happy to be where we were. My friends and I pranced around, and enjoyed the free merch and makeup that MAC so kindly provided for this event.

We all let our stress go, and just had fun. I got a rainbow painted on my arm for the classic pride aesthetic. I felt good, and content. The energy in West Hollywood was unbelievable. It already is an accepting city, but it being pride weekend brought it up another notch. All groups are accepted and everyone is happy to be there. Being in West Hollywood for pride weekend represented the pinnacle of pride.

Even though discrimination still exists, celebrating and showing support is powerful. Participating in events may not solve the issue, but it makes the movement towards love and acceptance progress. Progress is lacking today and we face many challenges against regression and hate, so whenever you have the chance to peacefully celebrate love and diversity, do it. Take advantage of the niche events that celebrate all people. The only way to solve our societal plights today is to celebrate the good. Celebrating pride weekend in West Hollywood was an experience I will always remember. It was a demonstration towards true happiness and good vibes in a modern age that desperately needs it.💕

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