Staying Healthy During Flu Season

It is flu season at FSU and many students have succumbed to vastly spreading illnesses that are easily transferred on campus. Being sick at the beginning of a semester can be difficult due to missing class or being bed bound. Although it seems impossible to dodge certain colds or viruses, there are ways to strengthen the immune system, avoid certain germ infested objects and ultimately remain uncontaminated.

1. Get the flu vaccine. 

Individuals should obtain influenza vaccines every year, which allows the immune system to create an antibody to fight off infections. Whether you have insurance or not, you can receive a free or low-cost flu vaccine at the local CVS. Getting a flu shot will be in your best interest, especially during this time of year, due to the protection it will provide your body and overall health in the prevention of being contaminated to the point of illness.

2. Keep up your hygiene. 

Although this might be a no brainer for most, some students may not follow certain standards of hygienic health that could prevent them from becoming a host to a virus or infection. It is imperative that you wash your hands for half a minute with antibacterial soap before eating, touching your face, and after touching doorknobs or handles. You can buy a portable bottle of hand sanitizer for as low as $1.59 at CVS in order to disinfect your hands after touching desks, shared items, and especially doors.

3. Don't share anything. 

Symptoms may not be apparent within individuals until days after they have been infected with a cold or virus, therefore food or beverages should not be shared during this time. The flu virus can remain active and contagious on surfaces of drinks or foods for twenty-four hours, therefore the transfer of bodily fluids from one person to the next should be avoided.

4. Take your vitamins. 

Taking the correct dosage of vitamins every day will strengthen your immune system or help combat a virus if you have already been contaminated. It is important to take vitamin C and vitamin D on a daily basis due to their ability to reduce the amount of time you struggle with flu-like symptoms once sick as well as strengthen your immune system in order to prevent sickness altogether.

5. Get rest.

One of the easiest methods to abide by in order to prevent sickness or to recover quicker is getting enough sleep. In order to decrease your chances of getting sick, you should be getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night. The body fights infection via cytokine proteins while sleeping which will aid in recovery or the prevention of illness.

If you or any of your friends begin having flu-like symptoms, get medical attention sooner rather than later in order to prevent further contagion or the worsening of symptoms. Make sure to take all necessary vitamins, get enough rest, and keep up hygienic cleanliness during this flu season at FSU.

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