Part 1

Nine years ago, I didn’t believe in anything. Love and spirituality were not my top priorities. They were like ghosts to me, definitely not tangible and questionable as to actually existing. I clung to materialistic objects and thought of beauty only as art or some sort of vanity. The way the sun showcased my Monte Carlo, exposing it’s gleaming, silvery metallic exterior was beauty enough for me.

In April of ’09 I experienced a spiritual awakening. Simply speaking, I met a girl who showed me life was beautiful. I learned this over time from her compassion for others, music, and nature. I felt a jump of excitement whenever I looked at her. Hear healthy, jet black hair curved and waved down her neck until it rested on her shoulders. She was beautiful.

When we first met she invited me to a music festival. I was kind of anxious. I’m not the most talkative guy and I get shy around new people, but her friends and even strangers showed me a compassion and understanding I had not felt from the people I knew. So, unlike anything that had given me anxiety before, I decided to give this festival a second chance the following year. We started dating, bought our tickets, and prepared for our next vacation.

The wonder and eagerness of our trip held us nearly silent. Who would we see this year? What crazy adventures would we have? Upon our arrival, we were met with the soft sounds of a sweet morning. A slight breeze whispered through the field as the bugs buzzed gently. The high grass bowed to the wind, letting it pass before deciding to stand tall again. Birds swam through their weightless ocean, beautiful and free. There was a calm in the air.

I turned my head toward her and smiled. Her face was creamy white, with freckles lightly sprinkled down the bridge of her nose and over her cheeks. Quiet murmurs of excitement and soft purrs of engines waited as we slowly made our way up the dirt road. We were aroused. We knew this was the calm before a beautiful and violent storm. We said our hellos, received our neon wristbands, and followed the usual parking procedure.

The road to the parking area was like a serpent, slowly winding back and forth. We traveled it down and ahead was the open field. The foremost trees were soldiers lining the field in the distance, tall and straight. To the left was a basketball court, the only pavement found on the thirty-three acres. Soon the field would be flooded with people and vendors, of which the court would hide behind. Further down was a labyrinth of paths, naturally woven together. This is where many us would camp. The field continued until it met the tree line which wrapped around to the serpent road.

The scent of hay drying in the sun and fresh cut grass permeated the air. It was like a shot of rum warming my insides…

To Be Continued...