At what point is the pressure too much?

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Are the pressures to perform affecting kids too soon?


It seems as though every year kids get smarter and smarter. Children are starting work, applying for volunteer positions, learning to write a resume, looking into internships, and creating Linked-In profiles all before they step foot on a college campus. While this desire to excel is great, where is the limit? Can you ever be too young to set yourself up for a great future? Is the pressure too much or just enough? Will backing away from an opportunity take you out of the running for something bigger and greater? These questions are all up for debate and very much subject to specific parenting styles but the ultimate concern is that these pressures are causing irreversible damage to little human brains.

In the era of NBC's "Little Big Shots" and "Genius Junior," child stars are at the center of the public's eye. Kids under the age of ten are full-time students, athletes, volunteers, musicians, and a part of too many clubs to count. According to an Arizona State University study, children involved in too many extra-curricular activities end up with stress-related illness and a lack of ambition. Sadly the anxiety that comes along with being a student doesn't begin or end with high school.

It seems as though to get into a good college or university you much have started your own foundation, found a cure to cancer, won a Nobel peace prize, received above a perfect score on your SAT, and done it all while maintaining a 4.0+ GPA. A foundation entitled "Turning the Tide" reported that the influx of pressure placed on students, especially in high school, leads them to prioritize academic achievement over their own health and the happiness of others. As the question of juvenile mental health becomes more and more prevalent we can only wonder whether or not this desensitization plays a part in the violent actions of the younger generations.

All of the sudden, an acceptance or rejection letter, an Instagram caption, a text message, or a Snapchat determine self-worth. Over and over again we talk about increasing suicide rates, diagnosed depression in young children, panic attacks before middle school and stress-induced illness but what can be done? According to Psychology Today, there are tons of little things you can do to greatly reduce stress and anxiety in a kid's life. Some of these recommendations include prioritizing sleep, limiting screen time, rewarding every positive action, and placing less weight on irrelevant decisions and encouraging conversation.

I know what you're thinking, "Well back in MY day, we didn't need any of this psychology crap. We sucked it up and life went on". And believe it or not, you aren't wrong. Things HAVE changed. Pressures have increased and mental health has deteriorated. The mentality of education and the pressures of "success" need a limit at some point. Next thing you know, kids will have to declare their major at fifth-grade graduation.

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I'm An 18-Year-Old Woman And Thanks To Those Abortion Bans, My Body Isn't Mine Anymore

Alabama, Ohio, and many more states are making it so that women don't have a choice anymore. We are losing control over our own bodies because these states believe that they should control whether we can have an abortion or not.


I want to start off by saying that everyone can have their own opinion, that's your right. Whether you want to speak your opinion or not it's your right to have those opinions. Usually, I wouldn't make a public stance on a political issue, but it's very hard not to when someone asks if you're going to transfer schools because the state you go to school just passed a law saying you can't get an abortion.

It's very hard not to when what I was taught as a young girl doesn't apply anymore because of new laws.

Growing up I was taught that no one's opinion about your body matter, just yours. Whether you were fat or skinny it didn't matter what anyone else says only how you think of yourself. I was taught that my body is my own. No one can take that away from me. No one can take away the power to decide what I want to do with my own body. And no one can take away the power to make decisions for me.

This is the way every young girl should be raised.

My generation has taught that as girls we have the right to our body. Whether we want to dress a certain way, the way we eat, if we want to get piercings or if we want to work out. What we want to do with our body is our right. Whether my parents wanted me to get a tattoo or not I have a say on what I put on my body. Whether the world sees me as fat or skinny I have the right to call myself beautiful. That with the way social media is advancing it doesn't matter what you or the next person look like it matters how you see yourself. That you have control over what you want to do with your body.

No one can ever how to live your life or how to control your body.

You don't see a law that says someone can't smoke? You don't see a law that says someone can't drink? Smoking and alcoholism can kill someone just as abortion kills a baby. A pregnant lady drinking or smoking can harm a child with deficits for their whole life. So, what makes abortion different?

Why is the power to make a decision that impacts your life and no one else's different?

Who are you to tell a 14-year-old girl that she has to give birth to a child when she isn't even old enough to drive yet? A 14-year-old girl doesn't even know who she wants to be let alone if she wants to have kids.

A law like this doesn't give her a choice.

A girl has the choice whether to eat healthily or to work out or to get that belly button piercing or to get that tattoo, but she doesn't have the choice to have a baby or not? Yes, I would agree that some people use abortions to get out of the responsibilities of being a parent but taking that choice away from someone is taking away their life.

To take away someone's choice to have a baby you are taking away their life.

The nine months of an excruciating pregnancy, just to go through an even more excruciating birth for a child that they didn't even want. Then how is the child going to feel? When they grow up to just find out that they were a mistake or a product of rape or that they just weren't wanted by their own parents. That's pain that no one should have to go through for the child and the mother. Especially for someone who ended up pregnant after being rape you are forcing this person to live through that terrifying experience for the next nine months.

She should be given a choice.

So, to the men and women that think it's OK to take away this choice from someone how would you feel if your great-great-granddaughter ever got raped and got pregnant would you want her to have to go through the torture, pain, and heartbreak of carrying a rapists baby to term and then having that kid come to the terms that he/she was a product of a crime.

Our body is a temple. A temple that we have control of. Is that not what you want your granddaughter to believe? Is that not how young girls should be raised? It's how I was raised, is my body not mine anymore?

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24 Things That I Did In The First 24 Hours After My Oral Surgery Instead Of Being Productive

Because who needs to do things when it's summer?


This is exactly what it sounds like. I got oral surgery on Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. — real convenient timing considering I had a final Monday and also moved out of my dorm — but I had no choice. So I decided to record what I did in the 24 hours after I got my teeth pulled, and here it is.

1. Choked on water while trying to take Advil


Look, my entire mouth was numb, okay?

2. Rewatched "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" for the 14th time


The entire audience: *GASP*

3. Wished my friends luck on their last final exams


May the spirit of Steve Rogers be with you today.

4. Printed out a return label for my rental textbook


Shout out to Amazon for giving me half off a textbook!!

5. Watched TikToks for 2 hours


Am I ashamed? Maybe a little.

6. Tried to check my grades but my internet was down


Like, what am I supposed to do now?

7. Tried to make my own TikTok but gave up


Me trying to film my own video (unsuccessfully).

8. Ate a mushed banana, but it took really long because my mouth was numb


Fun fact, bananas are one of my favorite fruits.

9. Unloaded some boxes from the car


Be careful with those fridges, y'all!

10. Avoided actually unpacking those boxes


It's fine, those boxes are just everything I brought home from school, but I don't need to unpack them...

11. Checked my email and realized I got one from my professor


This was not the content of the email, but I wish it were :/

12. Realized that summer classes start in a week


I don't wanna go back to school!!

13. Freaked out and rummaged around for my old notes


Chemistry will NOT become the death of me.

14. Calmed down when I realized the pre-assignment wasn't due for 2 weeks


That feeling of relief is unparalleled.

15. Ate a popsicle


Mmm. Love a good pineapple popsicle.

16. Finished the TikTok I had started earlier

(Here it is, if you wanted to watch it)

17. Stopped putting gauze in my mouth


I was finally free.

18. Rinsed my mouth out


(My mouth was so numb that I couldn't even do this)

19. Ate some rice and mashed potatoes, slowly


At this point I wasn't chewing, just taking really small bites and swallowing them as fast as I could.

20. Binged the Try Guys for a few hours


They're too entertaining to dislike!

21. Rinsed my mouth out again!


Me accidentally drooling all over myself because I can't feel my mouth :(

22. Brushed my teeth as carefully as possible


Gotta keep up that good oral hygiene!!!!

23. Read a bit before bed


Reading for leisure > Reading for school

24. Went to bed at 10:30


Earliest I've slept all year.

Honestly, my day wasn't that productive. But this was a good way to reflect on what I do in a typical day when I don't have any obligations. I apparently watch a lot of videos and get stressed about things that aren't happening yet. Maybe I should start some new hobbies, like knitting or Pilates or something. There's a world of things I haven't done out there!

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