Trump's Tweets Are Unnecessary, And Frankly, Dangerous

Trump's Tweets Are Unnecessary, And Frankly, Dangerous

What is going on in that head of his? Anything?

President Trump took to his favorite media platform – Twitter – on Tuesday morning to denounce two members of Congress. Trump referred to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, both Democrats, as “Chuck and Nancy” in a tweet labeling the pair as incompetent to avoid a government shutdown without hardening their grip on crime, vetting immigrants, or lowering taxes.

Trump's “Chuck and Nancy” label makes the Senator and House Representative come across as some kind of entertainment duo rather than two serious politicians. The joke of a tweet makes Trump look like a child and Pelosi and Schumer as a show. Not only does it show Trump’s immaturity, but it also shows a disconnect between Trump and Democrats in Congress. We can see how our government is working – or not working.

Trump shows no regard for anyone but himself through his tweets.

In one of his recent tweets, Trump addressed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un as “short and fat”. Despite what Jong-Un looks like, his country has been threatening the United States with nuclear war for years. Yet, Trump took to the internet to insult this dictator and potentially endanger his country. He very frequently tweets about the threat that North Korea imposes on the U.S., but his actions are far from precautionary and his insults could even put the U.S. in greater danger.

Trump addressed illegal immigrants as “deplorables” in a September tweet. This derogatory term, widely used across Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, suggests that anyone who is in this country illegally can easily be removed. By using it, Trump does not take into account anyone who has come to the U.S. for reasons other than work, including safety or family matters. Trump merely overlooks any circumstance in which the United States could act as a safe haven for immigrants and instead, labels them “deplorables”.

These are just a few of Trump’s social media slip-ups throughout his presidency and while we can look through his Twitter page and see a theme of fearlessness and brutal honesty, we can also look at his Twitter page and see potential dangers to our country’s security and holes in our government.

How do we know that the next world leader that Mr. Trump angers will not declare nuclear war? And what kind of government is he running in which it is okay to publically criticize and poke fun at other government officials for the entire public sphere to see? It is crucial for unity within the government in order for anything effective to come out of Congress. Our president might want to reconsider his words before he sends out his next tweet for the sake of his country.

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To The Stoneman HS Colorguards

We are all with you and thinking of you at this time.

When I was fourteen years old, I had just begun to explore the world of colorguard. I went to seven am rehearsals every day with my older brother which I thought was the coolest thing, I traveled for contests and experienced winterguard for the first time as well. My parents always made it to my performances and always made sure to tell me how proud they were of me and loved me after everything I have done.

As it has come to light that one of the victims of the Stoneman Douglas HS shooting in Florida was a fourteen-year-old girl by the name of Gina Montalto who had just begun her journey into a sport that I fell in love with so many years ago.

She was set to perform at her first WGI regional this weekend in Tampa as well. She had the world ahead of her as she went to school on Valentine's Day thinking it would be like any other school day. She was probably preparing herself for her performance this weekend alongside many amazing teammates who I have no doubt pushed her to be an amazing performer.

All I have seen is that she was a sweet and kind young woman who I have no doubt was special. I also saw that she was just beginning a journey into falling in love with an amazing sport.

Many of you are probably asking yourselves why I am writing about someone I never knew at this point. WGI is a community that connects people in ways you never expect. You meet performers from all across the United States as well as internationally. Many are lucky enough to keep these friendships for life. Gina is a member of a large community that has been sending its love and thoughts to Florida during this tragic time.

The colorguard community has also been standing up and asking for a change to prevent violence like this from continuing. I have seen it across my social media feeds for the past day that each colorguard page I follow regardless if it is the official WGI page, people like PunkRockIrving, or teams from across the entire country, they all share a similar message. A message of condolence and prayer along with a request for a change to begin.

As the days continue to pass by and competitions seem to fly by for so many performers whether it be on your state's circuit or within WGI, hug your friends and your teammates a little tighter as you go on through your season this year. Be a voice in the community that so many have called a home and do not be afraid to speak up for what you believe in.

Show the members of Stoneman Douglas HS winterguards how appreciated they are this season if you ever get the chance. Their performers are some of the most dedicated that I have ever seen at World Championships and over social media. I have the utmost confidence that Gina's legacy will be carried with each of them as they perform.

Cover Image Credit: Stoneman Douglas HS

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Why I'm Pro-Choice

Abortion: a necessary evil.

I live in a very conservative area, so the pro-choice/pro-life debate is usually a hot topic. When I see a post on Facebook arguing about abortion, I try to ignore it for the most part. I chime in every now and then, but I know that my opinions mostly fall on deaf ears. But today I have decided to take a stance: I am pro-choice, and I have something to say.

Let me start off by saying that I am not pro-abortion. I think abortion is terrible and it’s sad that it exits. But, I do think that abortion is necessary. In the 50s and 60s, before Roe v. Wade, the number of illegal abortions was astronomically high. The number of illegal abortions ranged anywhere between 200,000 and over 1 million each year. Out of these, almost 20% of all maternal deaths were a result of illegal abortions. (source)

Since the legalization of abortion, many women now have access to the proper medical care necessary for safe abortions. The amount of women that die as a direct result of abortion is almost non-existent. The past has proven that make abortion illegal wont stop abortions from happening. This will only increase the amount of unsafe abortions and the number of women who die from them.

My next opinion is bound to make some people upset but, until it reaches a certain age, there is no way for a fetus to survive on its own. At this stage in development, the fetus is essentially a parasite. A parasite is defined as “an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.” Until a fetus reaches the stage at which it is able to survive on its own, I do not consider it to be a person. It sounds harsh, but it’s simply the reality of the situation. The earliest that a fetus can survive outside of the womb is about 22 weeks. (source) Abortions rarely occur after this stage in a pregnancy, and when they do, it is only when a doctor says that it is medically necessary. As of now, almost 99% of abortions occur before the 21st week of pregnancy. (source)

A lot of people will argue that, “if you don’t want a baby, you shouldn’t have sex.” This, I believe, is an irresponsible statement to make. Yes, it seems like the obvious solution, but one that is impossible to enforce. Instead of shaming women for their sex lives, we should be encouraging and education on safe sex practices and making it easier for them to obtain contraceptives. This would greatly decrease the need for abortions because it would decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies overall. Not to mention that over half of the women that receive abortions already have at least one child. (source)

We can argue about whether or not life begins at conception. We can argue about religious or moral reasons for not having abortions. But the fact of the matter is: abortion is necessary, whether you like it or not.

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