1. Sleep all of July 3rd

The newest season comes out in the early hours of July 4th. So, if you're goal is to binge watch the entire season before the sun comes up, make sure you've caught as many Z's as you possibly can.

2. Cancel all July 4th plans

Time for a risk-benefit analysis. Hmm. Stranger Things 3 > hanging out with friends and getting drunk. The results speak for themselves. You can celebrate tons of July 4ths, but you only have one premiere of Stranger Things 3. Take it from me, it'll be worth it.

3. How about a Stranger Things Sleepover


Call a bunch of your friends over who also enjoy the show! Binge-watch the first two seasons together so your minds are refreshed for the new episodes. By the time you finish season one and two, three will be out before you know it.

4. Snacks on snacks on snacks

What makes any binge-watching fest good? FOOD. Crack out the Eggos and order a pizza or two. There are no commercial breaks on Netflix, you'll want to be prepared with as many snacks as you can handle.

5. Get ready to live tweet


Nobody likes spoilers, but if the entire country is watching, and they will be, there isn't much to spoil. You're gonna want to capture the moment of excitement when your favorite show comes back from a 615 day hiatus (yes, stranger things waited 615 days to come back).

6. Do NOT take any breaks


This is such an exciting opportunity! Bathroom breaks and snack breaks are not an option. Whatever you do, don't you dare even think about pressing pause. Make sure whatever needs to be done is done before you press play.

7. Let your family and friends know that you're okay


Well, we all know that ST3 is going to be an emotional one. If we're being honest, you might just spend the day curled up in a ball while crying. Shoot your friends a quick text to let them know that you are in fact okay, even if you're sobbing your eyes out.