9 Tips to Help You Survive Prelim Season

If you're struggling to keep up with all your social, extra-curricular, and academic responsibilities during prelim season- it's ok- because basically everyone around you is also. From my total of one a half semesters here, I've gathered a few tips.

1. Don't stop for meals

Grabbing a quick lunch or even doing work in a dining hall can give you that much needed hour during prelim season.

2. If you normally exercise, continue (or if you don't, start)

Exercise is well worth the 30 minutes it takes during a day. It keeps you focused, positive, and energetic.

3. Work as efficiently as possible, and don't stop for Facebook or Snapchat.

Doing an assignment while on Facebook will likely make your assignment take double the time. (Unfortunately haven't mastered this one yet).

4. Work hard, play hard--Reward yourself after a hard week.

Give yourself some well-deserved down time after all that hard work.

5. Don't go back to your dorm before a night prelim.

We all know what happens when you go back to your room after a prelim--Netflix, sleep, and procrastination. Staying on campus gives you extra time to study or do work for another class.

6. Force yourself to get 8 hours of sleep (or close to that).

Less than that will only make you tired and less efficient.

7. Get to class early to do work.

Sleeping to the very last possible minute isn't always necessary.

8. Eat well!

Carbs and fatty foods make you slow and lethargic. Slow and lethargic means less studying, and a vicious cycle begins...

9. Collaborate with friends where appropriate.

Help each other out! After all, everyone needs the help at some point or another.

Prelim season can feel like treading water. Staying focused and efficient can make it more bearable. And always remember being stressed or anxious only wastes valuable time!

Good luck!

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