The world is tainted lately by violence, aggression, racism, prejudice, discrimination, and hateful elements. To work against this, I'm offering a prayer for the state of the world in hopes that we can see these values come to fruition and show themselves every day.

I pray for the world to be overcome by peace. I pray that peace would become the natural instinct in the way we treat each other and for relations between nations.

I pray that hate would cease to exist.

I pray that love would overflow from our very cores. I pray that our souls would reflect the power of love and that it would shine out of every fiber of our beings, brighter than the sun.

I pray that we would listen to understand. I pray that we would not compromise what we know to be good and right. I pray that we would seek to understand multiple perspectives and those different than our own, but that we would also stand up for what's right.

I pray that we would have the courage to speak out against discrimination and prejudice when we see it. I pray that we would teach others how to treat people respectfully through our words and actions.

I pray we never stop seeking to understand the truth. I pray that we would always strive to identify the truth to the best of our ability.

I pray that our world leaders would be guided by care for the people of their nations and not by personal agendas or hatred. I pray that nations would learn to work together and find common values in order to make this world the safest it can be.

I pray that those in danger would be able to seek sanctuary and refuge. I pray for the safety of any person living or fighting in a combat zone or dangerous, oppressive regime. I pray that no human would be denied basic needs based on gender, age, ethnicity sexual orientation, or any other demographic.

I pray that discrimination and prejudice would cease to exist. I pray that we would celebrate diversity and those who are different from us. I pray that diversity would enrich our lives and teach us more about who we are. I pray that different cultures would be valued.

I pray that the power of education would continue to grow, and through education, we can begin to understand the ways in which we can make a positive impact on the world. I pray that no human would be denied education based on gender or any other demographic.

Most of all, I pray that we would treat each other with kindness and respect, and realize that perhaps we are not all so different from one another in our wants and priorities.