Thanksgiving is a time when people usually take stock of their blessings and practice gratitude for all that they value in their lives.

I truly believe adopting a gratitude mindset is one of the most beneficial changes that someone can make for their overall health. If we all were to remember to be mindful and appreciative of all the good in our daily lives, we would see less discontent, disagreement and drama.

I challenge everyone reading this article to adopt a gratitude practice all throughout November. There is no one way to do it. Whether you carve time out to pray, journal about your blessings or meditate on all of the people who have helped elevate and motivate you on your journey, any form that feels most natural and authentic to your truth is the path that you should take.

You can even change how you practice gratitude every day during the month. One day you could create an art piece that is centered on your gratitude, you could call someone special to you and have a conversation about your gratitude or any other expression that your spirit is inclined to exercise.

For those who may not know where to begin with the practice, I suggest starting with a journal and starting each day with a list of all the people and things that you are glad are in your life. The list can range from being grateful for any element of your health/ability to be alive today, to a favorite song and the way it makes you feel.

There is no limit to what we can appreciate and offer our love to. The expression of love will only invite and attract more positivity into your life.

I also find that while I am walking to class, it helps me de-stress if I start to recite in my head all of the things that I am fortunate enough to have had/have in my life. I thank the universe for my opportunities, my beautiful and supportive family, and my safety.

On my walk, I take note of the natural beauty around me; I see the sweet chipmunks running across the pathway and the vibrancy of the changing leaves. I listen to whatever song I am playing and think about all of the creative effort that the artist put into making it, and feel gratitude for that work. That truly gives me greater perspective and deflates whatever meaningless preoccupation was upsetting me.

I hope that you adopt a gratitude practice and mindset into your routine throughout the month and that it might give you positivity and a greater sense of happiness.