There are two things in this world that always manage to irritate me. One of those is stale donuts. The other is oversensitivity in millennials.

Not surprisingly, with the abundance of participation trophies and safe spaces that surround the college students and youth of today, what now exists is embarrassing. Truth must be sugarcoated in order to make them palpable to the masses, facts are smothered in emotionally-saturated bait so they may earn a headline, and realities are consistently perceived as a plague that will wipe out the young population.

Shouting “triggered” and collapsing in a heap of tears every time a challenge, obstacle, or something we don’t necessarily enjoy appears is pathetic and far too common.

Teenagers and young adults used to be held to much higher standards. They led movements, families, and businesses, they fought in wars, and they sacrificed their lives selflessly for their country and those whom they loved. There was an expectation of excellence and selflessness that was held for those individuals – one that would seldom be protested.

Today, my generation is one of unrighteous entitlement, pathetic necessity, and embarrassing greed. As they march, claiming that this country – and the people in it that have protected their rights – is evil, terrible, oppressive, and essentially comparable to hell itself, the odor of ignorance permeates the atmosphere of America. While the Greatest Generation gave all, millennials want it all.

This will be the downfall of our country.

A nation filled with glorified kindergarteners who have breakdowns every time their toy is stolen and places blame on the kid next to them or cry because their safe spaces have been invaded by people asking questions will, in no way, be successful. Life is brutal, people are dangerous, and there will always be an agenda. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean harden your heart and become close minded; rather, approach issues with humility, caution, and optimism. Additionally, the truth can really hurt. You could be at fault. Things with family might be hard. The world may be falling apart. No matter the circumstances, life is short and time here is fleeting. Before you retreat to your safe space and wave your banner titled “offended”, pause and consider reality. Understand the intensity of facts, use discernment in the approach of said facts, and form opinions subsequently. Furthermore, strive to grasp the differences between words and phrases such as “intolerance” and “carefully optimistic, yet dreadfully realistic.”

Millennials, we are the next generation. The world is at a tipping point; a clash of cultures. What happens next is being thrust upon us. The choice that faces us is whether we are going to choose to drop the playdough and instead strive to grasp something greater, even through the challenges and issues that may present themselves. It is beyond time to grow a backbone, get a sense of humor, and take life with what you can; there is no time to play pretend and see the world through glasses of ignorant bliss. While sugar may be good on top of donuts, think twice before you spread your arms wide and call for someone to sugar coat reality.