Twist the bones and bend the back! It has officially been confirmed that Disney is remaking the 1993 "Hocus Pocus"! Am I excited? Absolutely not. Before I go off on a tangent that will last longer than Thackery Binx was stuck as a cat, I will explain what we know about this remake so far. Nothing has been confirmed about casting just yet, except that it won’t include any original cast members. It isn’t clear whether or not this means that there won’t be any of the same characters or if it will have the same characters and same story just a completely different cast. Most sources haven’t even been clear whether or not it’s a remake or a sequel or whether or not it will play in theatres or be a “Just For Cable Thing.” We do know for sure that Scarlett Lacey is the screenwriter. She is best known for writing “The Royals” on E!. We also know that whatever it will be, apparently it’s scheduled to come out in 2018.

Honestly, when I first heard that a "Hocus Pocus" remake was in the works, I was kind of furious. “Oh great,” I thought, “Another remake.” Hollywood tends to only do remakes and sequels, as if coming up with an original idea is impossible to do. Hollywood also has had the tendency to remakes up really bad. Movies like "Ghostbusters" and "Indiana Jones" did not need a remake or a sequel. It was fine how it was.

On the other hand, Disney has come out with phenomenal remakes these past couple years as well as some flops. "Beauty and the Beast" and "Cinderella" both did well in the box office and created movies that added to their original stories without soiling the classics. However, they also created the "Alice in Wonderland" live action movies which were anything but spectacular. The fear on a lot of people’s mind is that yet another classic will be ruined by the drive to make money off of a brand instead of creating new ideas. It’s hard watching movies that could have had a lot of potential become box office disasters because the only drive to make the movie was to make money and not actually create something new and beautiful.

Many of my friends that I’ve talked to are furious about this remake. They feel that it’s not necessary, that a classic like Hocus Pocus doesn’t need to be remade. It just needs to be left alone. Hollywood needs to stop taking things that were once popular in our youth and recreating it. Just because better special effects are used, doesn’t mean the movie is any better.

I, for one am not looking forward to this sequel or remake, but I will be following it closely. I genuinely that Disney won’t ruin a brilliant movie by creating a poorly executed film to make extra money. Disney is an empire at this point and doesn’t need to make more money off of a timeless classic. For once, Hollywood needs to leave things be and find inspiration elsewhere.