It's the first week back to school after Thanksgiving break. The roller coaster of emotions is never ending nor is the impending doom of finals and projects. But luckily you're not alone because Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler can relate.

1. Yay! I get to see my friends again!

You haven't seen each other in over a week and that was too much so here come the reunion hugs and "omg how was your break?"

2. I miss home.

Sure it's great to be back at school but nothing beats being in your own house with your dogs and family. Oh, and showering without flip-flops.

3. Reminiscing on that turkey.

I don't know about you but that has got to be one of the best meals I had had in the past three months. After being used to dining hall food I felt like a queen enjoying an amazing feast.

4. Having to go back to dining hall food.

Yeah... it's hard to convince yourself to walk through those double doors leading you to the sub-par food that will be your meal plan until winter break, after being spoiled with amazing food for the past week.

5. Coming back to your dorm.

Whether it was realizing you forgot how small your dorm was or coming back to the mess you left behind when you were packing to go home, it's a weird feeling to come back to that little corner that you used to tell yourself was big enough.

6. Realizing you have 12378648 things due by the end of the week.

When you realize that all of those December due dates are actually this weekend...

7. Not only is winter coming but so are finals.

Yup. It's the home stretch. Just power through. (*has 10683 anxiety attacks*)

8. Realizing the HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!

Yeah finals suck but that means the holidays are right around the corner and if that isn't enough to get you excited I don't know what will!!!