Hurricane Irma left us with more than just excess flooding and destruction. For us Seminoles, we received a "hurrication." This nasty storm that was predicted to tear up Tallahassee left us hardly touched. After the storm disappeared after just a brief moment of intense rain, we were left with a full week off of school to do as we pleased.

Some students decided to go back to their hometowns and visit their families. Others decided to go on vacation or just relaxed here in town. I can speak for all of us when I say that this hurricane break hurt me more than it helped me. Post-Irma life is filled with being behind in my classes and realizing over and over again just how unorganized and behind I truly am.

1. Your professors don't change the test dates.

2. And you're expected to learn all of the information that you would have covered during class on your own time.

3. Finding a place for all of the water bottles that you stocked up on.

4. You start to think about that hurricane bod that just hasn't gone away.

5. Using all of your Wite-Out to rewrite all of your homework on new dates.

6. Giving up and buying a new planner altogether.

7. Wondering about all of the pets that were abandoned.

8. When you realize how unmotivated you are after this "hurrication."

9. Reconsidering how poorly you planned for the storm.

10. Stocking up for the next storm with only the necessities.

11. Remembering all of the people that are still without power.

12. Wondering if the Hurricane football jokes will ever not be funny.

13. Eating all of the unhealthy, nonperishable food you bought.

14. Reminiscing on all of the funny Hurricane Irma event pages on Facebook.

15. Why didn't I get ahead on my homework?

16. Thinking about all of those affected by the storm.

17. You realize that Irma wasn't the last hurricane coming for us.

18. Wondering why you thought you needed this many batteries.

19. Someone brings up global warming.

20. You think about all of the Netflix you watched and the homework you didn't do.