The Holidays are now over and slowly but surely we’re thrown back into work, school, and responsibilities. For the last week, you haven’t had to keep track of the date or day of the week. You could sleep until noon with only a few worries. You get to have leftovers for breakfast, whether that be Chinese food from the night before or penne vodka from Christmas Eve.

Your New Year’s Resolution of going to the gym hasn’t started quite yet, so you can binge watch as much Shameless or other Netflix shows that you wish without feeling guilty. There’s constant food in the fridge and desserts to indulge in. But that is all over and back to work we must go.

If you have a job, welcome back to your 9-5 cubicle and paper filing. If you’re a college student, say hello to counting down the days you have left of being spoiled by your mom because it’s almost over. Now is the last stretch to hang out with all of the people you said you would, but haven’t gotten around too.

There are errands to be run, money to be made, and back to college packing to be done. Parents care if you sit in bed all day while there at work and expect you to take the dog for a walk. So say goodbye to all of your free time and carefree attitude because once January 3rd hit, it was back to reality.

We all love the holidays because we get to spend it with family and have almost everyone together at the same time. But it all goes by so fast. So enjoy it while you can because after the week is over you have to wait a whole year to experience the perks all over again.