I loved college. I loved my classes, my friends, and the busyness that came with attending college. Yes, I was completely and utterly exhausted by the time my senior year rolled around, but for the most part, I thrived.

Sure, there were definitely some less than stellar moments of my college career, but those moments do not take away from the love I felt for my university and the friends that I had made there.

They do not take away from the fact that I miss living in the same building as some of my best friends and always having someone to go do things with. I miss that there was always something to be doing and people to be doing it with.

The deeper I went into my college career, the more eager I was to graduate, leave, and move on with my life. I was excited to separate myself and no longer be considered a student, but a professional within the working world.

I could not wait to finally use my degree and work with people. Aside from being excited about using my degree, I could not have been more wrong about the rest of it.

I do not know if this has been everyone's post-grad experience, but overall mine has sucked. Medical problems have arisen, I have yet to find a job, and I just feel overly uninterested in a lot of my daily things because of how bored I really am.

Post-grad life has not been what I have expected at all. It has been challenging to the point where all I have wanted to do it rip my hair out. Right now I do not feel fulfilled.

I am hoping with the opportunity of a new job and applying for graduate school will help put me back on the right path. I want to find something that makes me excited to wake up in the morning. I am desperate for change.

Don't wish away the moments you spend during undergrad because post-grad life is not all sunshine and flowers all the time. It is incredibly hard.

Don't take advantage of the moments you have right now because you will not always have what you have.