Well, this show was one that almost didn't happen for the crew and I. The hangover from the night before was a deadly one. Mr. Porter Robinson treated us too well. Unfortunately, we only saw him for a whole five minutes, if that. We couldn’t even move inside the club. Here’s a pro tip - don’t go to Vegas during EDC Week.

It’s about 12:00 pm, and we just made our way through the Wynn. And there we arrived at Encore where we were greeted with a pretty aggressive line of people. We may have been in waiting in that line for 40 minutes. Not the end of the world, but it was a pretty substantial time. Day beds and cabanas were costly, and that wasn’t going to be an option for us that day - unfortunately.

Walking into the beach club is a spectacle I’ll never forget. After years of seeing highlight reels and DJ set clips, I finally made it to a daytime pool show, with Alesso - which turned out to be one of the better DJ shows I’ve seen to-date.

People were roasting in the sun. Some drank water with their alcohol; others slammed their alcohol of choice like water. If you had a very keen eye, you could see which groups were going to get the rowdiest as the day would progress. And, the fantastic kicker about this crowd, everyone was VERY friendly. At least, everyone in the center pool came off that way. Everyone was there to have a good time, and there didn’t need to be any angst, “one-upping,” or nonsense.

3:30 pm - Alesso made his way to the DJ booth in an all-white outfit, white sunglasses, and white headphones. He’s dialed in, and the crowd roared, from every piece of land in the club. Over the course of his set, I heard songs that many DJs won’t play anymore such as Swedish House Mafia’s “Greyhound,” “Don’t You Worry Child,” the sadly passed Avicii’s “Levels,” “Don’t Wake Me Up,” and Knife Party vs. Swedish House Mafia's “Antidote.” Of all of these, the special moment came when the Avicii tracks played. Alesso had a moment where he spoke into his microphone "Long live Avicii." In essence, it's very true. Many of today's DJs attribute the rise in electronic dance music to him. Beyond this special part, these were some of the top tracks at the time of their release back in 2012-2013. This was also the year that the group I was with graduated from college. So, you can imagine that these would resonate well with us and bring back lots of memories.

For the majority of the set, we stuck to the main pool, a center land piece which had cold water that would fall on you in the middle of the pool, and also along the outer pool rim with a lovely group of French-Canadian women. After meeting them previously at Omnia the night before, they mentioned their plan to attend Alesso the same day as us. Lucky enough, they spotted us right away, and we had some lovely friends to keep the party going all afternoon. For all of us, it was a first time seeing Alesso. Although I did not have my phone to take any footage, the experience itself will create lasting memories of that very day. As I’ve said, and continue to reiterate: be in the moment and take in the experience as much as you can.