Stop Hiding Your Bigotry Behind 'Political Opinion'

Stop Hiding Your Bigotry Behind 'Political Opinion'

It's not up to you to decide who deserves equal rights.

In the United States, we recognize an inalienable right to free speech and the open sharing of differing opinions. These days, you can say pretty much anything and take cover under this free country, as your political opinions are protected by free speech.

But there is a difference we are forgetting about, America: the difference between political opinions and actively denying people rights.

Political opinions are the way you think government and politics should function. For example, some people think the government should be small and non-intrusive into the lives of citizens, while other think government should be large and involved in people's lives. This is a fair difference in political opinion.

There is no real right answer, though, because the government is man-made. There is no natural, moral answer to the question to what extent government should be involved in people's lives. The only way to answer that question is to openly discuss differing political opinions. That's what America is all about: diversity... Right?

Political opinions, though, do not cover existing prejudices against people different than you. You do not have the right to an opinion on whether another human should have rights.

Stop hiding behind your "political opinions" to justify your racist or sexist attitudes.

It is NOT a political opinion to think all genders are undeserving of equal rights to cis-gender men.

It is NOT a political opinion to think whites are the superior race.

It is NOT a political opinion to think all Muslims are terrorists.

I would say this is just you being homophobic, with your "political opinion" that gays do not have the right to get married like straight people do, but I find the "phobic" part of the word very problematic because a phobia means an irrational fear. Arachnophobia, for example, is the crippling fear of spiders.

You are not scared of the LGBTQ+ community. You do not fear them. You hate them. There is a difference.

So instead of proclaiming that people who include anti-gay rights in their so-called "political opinions" are homophobic, I venture to say they are simply hateful of gays. You are not transphobic. You are trans-hating. And hating people simply because they are different than you is NOT a political opinion. It is you perpetuating discrimination- NOT exercising your right to your own political opinions.

Stop saying such discriminatory things and then covering it up with, "well that's my opinion! Everyone has a right to an opinion!"

You do not have the right to form an opinion on who should and shouldn't get equal rights.

Yes, you can have personal opinions like, "I don't like Mary," but your prejudices against people from different countries and backgrounds, of different skin colors, or different sexual preferences, do not translate into hard political opinions.

Would you say we should ban all people named Mary from entering the country or getting married or getting equal pay to people who are not named Mary, just because you don't like her? Of course not.

But that's exactly what's happening here in America today. Because of your prejudices against different groups of people, you think you have the right to carry them as your "political opinions" and make them law.

Well, you don't. You do not have the right to dictate who gets equal rights.

Cover Image Credit: Elvert Barnes / Flickr

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Why Being Nice Makes Me Sad

Something to Relate To

Every day I wake up with a goal to be a better person. Which sounds very cliché, don't you think?

One thing that I have is manners. Manners are embedded in my personality because I was raised with a level of respect. My parents did a fantastic job of raising me, better than any other parents I know, but my mother has always been the real MVP.

My mother always taught me to treat everyone with respect because things are interpreted differently by each person, and being disrespectful to the wrong person could be dangerous. Thanks to my mother’s wisdom, I have made so many friends. I love diversity, and I love everyone. I hardly have conflicts with anyone. This school year so far, I have met more people than I had throughout high school. It’s awesome to have friends. But, my kindness has created blurred vision, especially when it comes to judging a person. You see, when you’re nice and you do things for people, you attract the wrong crowd. You begin to attract disrespectful people who only want to take advantage of that compassion.

By being a nice person, I open my arms to everyone because that’s what a nice person does in general. But, being nice has also lowered my standards for friends and relationships. Over time, you become a product of your environment, so I want to surround myself with people who will encourage me to make good decisions and do great things. But, it’s hard for me to reject someone because by being nice, sometimes I forget to consider my own happiness.

I care more about making others happy than I do myself. In addition, I am not happy. But that doesn’t make sense, right? I like making others happy, so seeing them happy doesn’t make me happy? No. Sometimes I don’t want to do things, but I make sacrifices to see other people happy. Now, it is beginning to exhaust me. I can’t be myself if it makes others unhappy. I feel pressured by my close friends to make stupid decisions and it’s hard for me to say no. If I stand up for myself, I will lose my friends. Nobody likes being put in their place, especially by a “pushover.”

Two of the most important things to remember about life, especially when judging a person, is:

- You are a product of your surroundings.

- People will never change for someone, they will only change for themselves.

I have gone through many personality changes in the past month, to the point where I realize just how terrible I am letting myself be treated. I have been so nice to the wrong people who now feel as if they can say or do whatever they want to me. I have done so much for those people, and it’s hard for me to let them go, but toxicity is toxicity and I should not continue to sacrifice my well being to please them.

I hate being nice, but at the end of the day I will not change. True kindness is a rare thing in this new millennial.

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Will The Future President Give Our Country The Educational Reform We Desperately Need?

Education reform and the 2020 Presidential Election. Its Not Far Away.

It's a crazy realization that Donald Trump has been the President of the United States for an entire year. I guess time flies by when you play a lot of golf. But really, the 2020 presidential election isn't too far away. Perhaps Oprah Winfrey will become the first female President of our great nation during the 2020 election.

To me, it doesn't matter if the candidate is a republican or a democrat because I find so many faults in the two-party system. As a college student, my biggest concern with the upcoming election is mostly education reform and how it impacts my generation.

Furthering your education after secondary education is becoming more popular. Young adults graduating high school want to pursue their dream careers at a community college, universities, technical schools, or skip college to jump right into the workforce. Lots of students are faced with mounds of college debt and some have no support from their parents or the government.

Yes, it would be absolutely fantastic if every student could get a free secondary education but, that isn't realistic or practical. The "free ride" that students get in other countries isn't attainable in the USA and I don't think it ever should be. How does a "free ride" show responsibility and integrity to students? If my generation has the mentality of everything being handed to them, it won't matter who the next President is and how they impact our country because we have already failed.

A "free ride" doesn't give my generation the opportunity to actually work for something. The students that get a "free ride" based on their academic, athletic, or musical/art achievements, have already worked hard to achieve their goals. It was definitely not handed to them.

You don't have to go to college to make a living - as much as people tell you that you need a college degree to be successful, you don't. Although a college degree of any kind will help you in your job search, there are a lot of jobs in various fields that do not require a college degree.

I am very thankful to be living in a country that, even though may not give a "free ride" to every student, still gives substantial amounts of money to college students. Along with the help of our taxpayer's dollars, students all over can chase their dreams and find the job that's perfect for them even if that means they will be in some debt after graduation.

This next election is so crucial for the education reform that needs to take place. The amount of college debt for some students is absolutely insane. Adults in their late 40's are still paying off some of their own college debt, over 20 years later!

I may not know what the answer is to help fix some of this problem, but I'm pretty sure free secondary education for every student is not the answer. I'm hopeful to a different leader of our country that cares more about education and how to solve some of the problems it faces.

Cover Image Credit: Jose Moreno on Unsplash

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