Is Political Correctness Actually Correct? Politically Polite or Free Speech?
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Is Political Correctness Actually Correct? Politically Polite or Free Speech?

Politically polite or free speech?

Is Political Correctness Actually Correct? Politically Polite or Free Speech?
SHTF Journal

This last week, my boss instructed me to design the company’s Christmas card before the holiday craziness set in (and to take advantage of the summer deals). I was told the card must be two things: classy, and could not say “Merry Christmas." As I was looking through the different choices, I noticed the lack of personalization in cards that simply said, "Happy Holidays." Even though I understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas, I find a lack of sincerity in a Happy Holidays card.

If I were to receive a Happy Hanukkah card from my Jewish attorney, I’d be thrilled! The fact my trusted lawyer felt comfortable enough to send myself and my family a personalized card would be very telling of the company’s sincerity.

On the other hand, regarding professionalism, I still do not think the line is crossed. “Happy Holidays” is such a general phrase that it slips off the tongue as easily as it does out the ear. People should not be afraid to wish someone a Merry Christmas without hurting their feelings.

As a society, this war of political correctness is seen every day. We’re all so engrossed with the possibility of accidently offending each other, that we in exchange do not speak our minds. As a country full of diversity in race, religion, and sexual orientation, you would think this would mean that we all are very accepting of our differences. Acceptance should include respect for other’s beliefs.

So basically, if you’re Jewish and the store cashier wishes you a Merry Christmas, you should not be offended. Becoming upset because this person tried to “force their religion upon you” is ridiculous. It only reveals insecurity with your own outlook of religion because you cannot respect another’s personal beliefs. Surprisingly enough, a large portion of our society plays the victim in these scenarios.

If you find yourself on the other end of the scenario described above, you understand the aggravating absence of straightforward information in the current political arena. The concept of political correctness is publicized in politics more than ever this election season. Donald Trump has become notorious for his ability to express his ideas without fear of how his audiences will react.

Trump’s bluntness has become his language and for the change he hopes to bring to the country as president. Unlike many other politicians who stay inside the lines and avoid offending voters, Trump finds success in speaking his mind. His campaign of “Making America Great Again," does not halt for the insecurities and emotions of sensitive citizens. He has decided our country needs change and this large remodel will not be sugarcoated.

Many politicians completely avoid speaking about issues that deal with race, religion, and sexual orientation due to the lack of the country’s unanimous agreement. As a result, these same politicians continue to be afraid to speak their opinions on such controversial topics and do not make them priorities. Change will not be made without someone ready and able to address controversies.

A defining reason as to why these controversies are not talked about is because most people do not know how to without second guessing every word that comes out of their mouth. Regarding Muslim immigrants for example, the concept of political correctness haunts most politicians’ tongues and ultimately refrains their ideas from being expressed.

Political correctness is a more prominent obstacle in our society than it may be perceived. People fighting for change need to be able to accept and recogniz the First Amendment responsibility of free speech. This important right empowers us to express and explain our ideas without limiting our words.

Would you rather someone speak their mind or tell you what you want to hear?

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