With the results of the previous election circulating around America during the time of one of the most celebrated holidays in the country many people were nervous going into Thanksgiving in fear of things getting political to the point of off putting. The awkwardness of passing gravy between family members who voted for opposite candidates is a topic one tries to avoid during close encounters with tricky family members throwing their opinions (hurtful or not) around the table.

The holiday itself is full of controversial topics of discussion relating to even the significance of the holiday. A majority of the countries population have resent and anger towards the Holiday because it marks the destruction of their culture and land many years ago when many other who celebrate the holiday for its modern terms of giving thanks and seasons greetings see the day as an opportunity to be with the family and share time. No matter the family or the location, topics will always come up to make the dinner that much more uncomfortable.

When controversial and opinionated topics arise over carving a huge bird (and chances are they will) one of the best ideas is to wait out the storm. Many people fear the racist, sexist remarks that will be made and dining and dashing has become a bit cliche. Only the best of luck can be wished as people come together for one of the few times over the year and hopefully dinner will end by the time things get too political. After all, the outcome has been set and a painful silence as one uncle shares his politcal views gets painful to listen to after such a big meal.