Poker Player Makes $100,000 by Shredding 70 Pounds in 6-Months

Poker Player Makes $100,000 by Shredding 70 Pounds in 6-Months

10% body fat in just six month time

There are many stories of dudes getting into top shape for whatever reason, but this one is special. For poker player Walter Fisher, going to the gym meant the difference between humongous financial struggles and a new start, thanks to a $1,000,000 bet. As you can imagine that was enough motivation for Walter to go to the gym.

Up until 2016 Walter Fisher, a professional poker player, had a great career with many lucrative tournament and cash-game profits. Unfortunately, the then 36-year old seemed to had lost his luck, all of a sudden he was only losing month after a month up until the point that he had a $100,000 debt. Furthermore, not only his bank account was taking hits, his health was too. Fisher explains:

“I’d lose a game and eat three or four super-rich single-serving chocolate cakes. They had more than 1,000 calories each. It was disastrous.”

At that point, a colleague poker player offered Walter a chance to change his life for the better. He offered him a bet that could pay off his entire debt at once. This poker player would pay $100,000 if Walter could drop to under 10% body fat in just six month time. Fisher who had become quite obese at the time accepted the bet instantly. This was an opportunity he couldn’t refuse!

Word of the bet spread fast in the poker world and people started betting whether Fisher was going to make it or not. Eventually, the wagers grew up to $1,000,000.

Fisher, who was determined to make the bet and get fit again, decided to hire celebrity personal Trainer Chris Divecchio. Divecchio immediately put Fisher to work starting with daily 5 hour high-intensity cardio sessions and a very lean diet of just over a thousand calories a day. For example, Fisher his breakfast existed out of a cup of oatmeal and a few egg whites.

A few months into the bet Fisher and his personal trainer Chris enlisted the help of a popular sports medicine and nutrition expert, Phil Goglia, for additional help. Goglia noticed that Fisher was burning too much muscle mass rather than fat. Unfortunately, this could’ve been prevented with a muscle preserving supplement. To minimalize the damage done, Goglia increased Fisher his average daily caloric intake to about 3 thousand calories a day with a max of 6 thousand calories.

After 6 months it was the moment of truth, Fisher had to be weighed to determine whether or not he had made it under 10 percent body fat. Fisher and his coaches were incredibly happy when he weighed in at only 8.8 percent body fat, which translates to over 70 pounds of burned fat. A quick calculation shows us that Fisher earned himself $7,000 for each lost pound!

Goglia has one tip for everybody trying to lose 70 pounds in 6 months just like Chris. She says it’s essential that you must keep in mind that you’re likely not an Olympic athlete and can achieve the same results with less risk. Start with high-intensity interval training and keep developing your workout program over time, so you can get in shape at your own pace. In other words, you don't have to work out for 5 hours straight on a daily basis for results. Pro Tip: Here's the best HIIT training supplement.

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5 Actions To Get Unstuck

Getting back to basics.

There are times when the current of life flows gracefully and with direction.

This is not one of those times.

No, this is more like that scene in The Emporers New Groove where the characters are tied to the log being slammed against the rocks in the stream. You’re kind of unglamorously trapped into just going with the flow, taking the hits as they come.

That happens on occasion.

It can be tough to get untangled from those restrictions, especially if they are connected to a list of responsibilities. So instead of just letting life happen to you, go out and try these simple tricks if you are in need of a change of pace.

1. Go try an activity you’ve never done before.

This could be a location you’ve never been to, a class you’ve never taken before, or a skill you’ve never spent time on. This will get your mind focused and productive so the transition back to regular work will be seamless.

2. Talk to a stranger.

Go to a random place and strike up a small conversation with anyone in the area. It could be someone serving you, or someone walking next to you on the street. Either way, you will most likely be stepping out of your comfort zone, which could lead to accomplishment later.

3. Indulge.

Treat yourself to one of those vices that you probably don’t want anyone to know about. It could be anything: from purchasing a favorite food item, to canceling plans you don’t want to attend, to binge-watching Netflix, to going to a bar to drink all night. Doesn’t matter- so long as it’s something you love.

4. Set a goal.

With the arrival of the new year, many people find it exciting to make a list of goals. Your goal doesn’t need to be complicated, but do pick at least one and try to remind yourself to follow it throughout the year. It will be a good focal point for times you lose drive.

5. Take note of the positive.

Even if you’ve been dealt the worst of the worst, you can find something to be thankful for. Is it someone you have in your life? Something you mastered after a few tries? An opportunity you received? A memory you made? This will remind you that part of living a complete life includes good times, and you have been lucky enough to have them.

I know it can be tough to get the ball rolling when you’re stuck, but you got this. Always remember that even the smallest steps will lead to a road well traveled.

If all else fails, plug in your favorite playlist and get lost in the suck for a little. No discomfort ever went less smooth with a little music bumping in the background!

Cover Image Credit: Oscar Keys

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Smiling Can Turn Your Whole Day Around

A simple smile has more power than you know.

I’m sure you’ve heard time and again that you shouldn’t frown because it takes more muscles to do so than it does to smile. But what is the real value of a smile?

Study after study has proven there are many health benefits to smiling. A smile can turn an entire day around, and not just your day! Your smile is more powerful than you realize, and it can have a positive effect on all the people around you, even complete strangers.

Now, I’m not suggesting you walk around with a smile plastered on your face 24/7. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and strongly suggest you don’t do that, please—that’d just be creepy. But let’s take a minute to break down how a simple smile could affect someone.

The inner workings of each person’s everyday life are usually pretty mundane. Unglamorous interactions like going to the grocery store, filling up a car with gas, driving to and from school or work, and walking to and from where you need to be take up most of our time.

These activities are not inspiring, they’re not really much fun, but they are necessary things that we cannot skip over or get around. When someone’s having a bad day or even just a neutral day, the mundane fillings can drag on and really drain a person. But a gas station attendant or fast food cashier smiling warmly at you as they hand you your change can add a dash of color to your otherwise bleak day and change your whole attitude from that point forward.

Working in retail, I was taught the power of a smile. When you enter a store and the employee is complacent and doesn’t acknowledge you or greats you with a whimper of, “Hello…,” do you want to shop there? Probably not. But when you walk in a store and the employee is excited and greets you with a comforting, “Hello!” paired with a dazzling smile, you’re more inclined to spend time in that store.

Your smile has the power to affect those around you. Really everything you do has the power to affect those around you, but we won’t get too deep into that today.

Something I try to keep in mind when I’m going about my day, especially if I’m not having a great one, is that other people may be feeling this way too. It’s easy when you’re feeling down to let that negative energy take over and control the way you act. But ask yourself, “Do I want to add to the negativity or take action against it?” Hopefully, your answer is always the latter. By smiling, you’re helping the world feel better.

A smile is mostly effortless. I know we all have days when it seems impossible to smile, but those are the days during which it is most important to remember what you’ve read here today. A smile can mean anything. It can be supporting, comforting, and empowering. It can turn your day around, it can turn your best friend’s day around, or maybe even a stranger's. Each smile has more potential than people realize! Energy is contagious; don’t let negative people and attitudes ever deter you, and make a point to radiate positivity everywhere you go because it is such a rare thing to find nowadays.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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