The latest games in the Pokémon video game series, Pokémon Sun and Moon, were released this past Friday. These two games have already outsold a number of other games in the series with just its initial shipment of 10 million copies. Whether you are new to Pokémon, a loyal fan, or a returning fan who became interested again after Pokémon Go, here are five reasons to play Pokémon Sun and Moon. Free of spoilers!

1. New Pokémon

Pokémon Sun and Moon take place in a Hawaii-inspired region called Alola and, while many older Pokémon you may be familiar with appear throughout the games, there are roughly 80 new Pokémon. It is fun to play with your favorite Pokémon, but it is also fun to find new favorites and there are plenty of all Pokémon types to discover in the Alola region.

2. New Pokémon Forms

But, even if you have a hard time adjusting to change, there are still plenty of older Pokémon to find throughout the Alola region in addition to new variations of older Pokémon. These new variations are called Alola forms and 18 Pokémon from the first generation have these special forms. Of those 18, Vulpix (now an Ice-type) and Nintetales (now Ice/Fairy-type) are exclusive to Pokémon Sun and Sandshrew and Sandslash (both now Ice/Steel-types) are exclusive to Pokémon Moon.

3. The Story

Pokémon Sun and Moon have a great story with a decent amount of depth and a number of recurring characters from past generations of the franchise. The games do a great job of bringing the past 20 years of Pokémon together which has been regularly stressed as their goal with these new games, but, without going into any spoiler-y details, not every question is answered and thus allows room for future games. The story of Pokémon Sun and Moon is still very satisfying and a refreshing change from the traditional storylines the games have had in the past.

4. Z-Moves

Z-Moves are a new mechanic that allows Pokémon the ability to, once per battle, use a super powerful move capable of one hit KOing the opponent depending on the type effectiveness. There are a number of different Z-Moves that a Pokémon can learn and the final evolution of the starter Pokémon you receive at the start of your journey has its own unique Z-Move!

5. Nintendo Switch

While nothing has been confirmed, there have been rumors and speculation from fans that there may be some sort of tie in with the next generation Nintendo console, the Nintendo Switch. Whether we just end up getting a Switch version of Sun and Moon or an entirely new game, it is worth checking out what likely could be transitioned to the Switch console.