Pokemon Go Has People More Active Than Ever

If there’s anything that can get people out of their houses and outside in the heat of the summer, it’s Pokemon. Pokemon Go, the latest popular smartphone game, requires players to go to all kinds of different places to capture the best Pokemon. This means visiting cities, nature trails, mountains and beaches to see all the game has to offer. Players can also visit local landmarks such as museums and churches to get new items, and compete against other players. Basically, Pokemon Go is giving people a healthy daily dose of exercise. But what makes Pokemon Go so special that people are willing to endure the heat of a Texas summer to play it?

Pokemon Go allows anybody who grew up watching the Pokemon cartoon to have that experience for themselves. The cartoon’s main character traveled all across the country trying to catch every Pokemon he could find. Now, people can attempt this in real life. Similar to real life animals, different species of Pokemon are found in different environments. Fish and crab Pokemon can only be found near bodies of water, while bats and bug Pokemon are more likely to be found in caves.

While Pokemon Go has only been out for a few days, it has already had a noticeable impact on society. There have been numerous reports of people playing the game while driving, and the police have already released an ad advising against this act, similar to drinking and driving. While there haven’t been any reported car accidents concerning the game, this is important to note. In addition, (and this is a bit grotesque), a teenage girl in Wyoming discovered a dead body while searching for Pokemon. Upon discovery, she immediately contacted the police. Who knows what other discoveries this game may lead to? Maybe somebody will find buried treasure, or strike oil.

I know it sounds silly that people are willing to journey so far, and in some cases, put themselves in dangerous situations to capture virtual creatures, but Pokemon fans are dedicated. It is also nice to see people getting a decent exercise from playing the game. Hopefully people stop driving and playing, but it is really cool to think that tons of people are discovering new places and adventures, all thanks to Pokemon.
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