We are on the verge of summer vacation, and it couldn't come soon enough. However, we must jump the hurdles called: dead week and finals. I know that at some universities they take dead week for what it truly is and have an actual "dead week". With nothing new due and no new material learned. However, my school knows no such thing as what is called dead week. Oh no, we have quizzes, papers, tests, and new material learned in this week! So, I absolutely do not see the point in calling the week before finals week as dead week if the school is not going to take the meaning to heart.

1. When You Realize Dead Week Does NOT Equal Dead Week

Nothing more frustrating then having to finish a ton of work during the so called "dead week".

2.When Your Teacher Starts On New Material

My only question is why??

3.When You Start On A Complaining Rampage To Everyone About How Much Work You Have To Do During Dead Week

Well, I can check this one off of my list!

4. When Everything Your Friends and Teachers Told You About Dead Week Is A Lie

Coming into freshman year of college I thought that dead week was a legitimate thing, however, I soon learned otherwise.

5. Suffering Dead Week Together

Sad to say but we all must band together and suffer the misery of the lie that has been told to us all about dead week.