Sometimes I wake up and I wonder,

Sometimes I wake up and I see,

The world is changing around me,

Who am I supposed to be?

When the world gets scary,

What am I supposed to do?

Among all of the crazy,

I'm just gonna be me.

Cause there's nothing else better to do,

Than to be completely you.

The world has so much to say,

I now know what I need--

It's to be completely me.

I'll make myself known,

Because I want to be heard.

There is no more need

To feel down and alone.

On the news, it's just politics,

And people telling you what to think.

Am I allowed to believe what I want,

Or will I just be another one of those workaholics?

I'm unique.

I will set out to prove people wrong.

And how will I do that?

By proving there is some good in this world.