This is a short list poem that I wrote late last year. It's meant to be something amusing to show the kinds of things that I like and give some insight into the strange way that my brain works. A lot of these things are inside jokes that I share with my friends and sister, namely the thing about Christ Pratt, but I feel like it's still pretty funny, and in case someone doesn't get it, the title isn't supposed to be accurate.

Fifteen Things I Obsess Over

1. Supernatural is such a cool show!!
Sam is definitely my favorite character, right now~
2. Japan is amazing.
I wish I could go there.


Eh, I guess that doesn't really matter.

4. Wait… Finn Wolfhard is in IT?

That's another thing I've got to watch.

5. Consider the coconut!

Consider its tree!

6. *In an annoying voice* CHRIS PRATT.

Wait… is he training dinosaurs, flying a spaceship, or playing in a band?

7. Each part of the coconut

That's all we need!

8. Steve Harrington is such a mom. It's adorable~

He deserves an award for best babysitter ever.

9. My sister's bird is trying to date a pencil XD

I'm completely serious here.

10. Tom Holland is the best spiderman!!

I love him so much!

11. Japan is amazing, isn't it?

It would be awesome if I could go~