Love is not

an endless stage of butterflies

without any bumps to come by

it is not

the house on the hill

you'll say you'll one day own

it is not

that expensive engagement ring

or that romantic love song you sing

It's so much more

than all of the cute photos

or the perfect gift you chose

Love is so much more

than the pedestal we put on

and the facade we paint over it.

One day

the butterflies will fly away, the house will be too expensive to pay, the song will be over-played, and the dust on the photos will turn them gray

...and what's left to stay?

two broken people

who see depth in each other's eyes

who know it is always worth the fight

who can laugh when they realize

just how prideful they can be.

Our love is not always patient,

its not always kind

but there's always more grace to find.

It's an endless search for joy

only to realize the kingdom of love

was in the ordinary after all.