Poetry On Odyssey: Uncertainty And Growth

Poetry On Odyssey: Uncertainty And Growth

Treasure the connections you make in college; the world is beautiful but full of uncertainty.


Time is like a machine

I sit here, unsure

Worried that the school’s ending

My career plans are pending,

Even though I know God’s sure about me he’s sending

To do His Will

Armed with the knowledge and skills

He has given me the gifts

Of connection and love

Not anywhere else but from above

Yet, it has been a year

Since I got that admission letter

“Congrats we want to welcome you to our school”

I said yes

And it was a decision that changed my life

Now realizing that I’m graduating in a year

Armed with many excitement and fear

Two years are flying by

Where am I going to be?

Am I guaranteed for a job?

I’m scared but I know

That God will sustain…

I just hope to maintain connections

For my lifelong friends are God’s creations

Please don’t forget me, friends,

But remember me through the many letters I’ll send

As I transition into the growth and explore the unknown.

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