Poetry On Odyssey: The Beauty Of Positivity

Poetry On Odyssey: The Beauty Of Positivity

When all else fails, it's best to put on a smile and stay positive


Bumps, bruises, broken body parts, soul, and hearts everywhere.

How do you find the way to smile and laugh even when in doubt?

For life is not always a smooth path,

It’s complicated like equations in math,

But you can always give yourself a nice bath,

Or envelope yourself in hugs,

Or make yourself coffee in a nice mug,

Don’t let life pass you by

For one day you will become ashes and die

So remember to say hi while you’re still alive,

Write letters to everyone while your eyes are still moving

If you fail, make an effort on improving,

But remember, don’t let the negativity be intruding

Laugh and give yourself a pat on the back,

Let your friends take some of that sack

Of Difficulties,

While you’re moving through the motions of this rollercoaster

Called life

Amid the commotion that life gives you,

There is the beauty of Positivity

To remind you of your reason of Existence

May you smile and find the light

Making each day bright

Making each count,

For life is like a wave

That washes away the days and never comes back

And only memories remain

So best be to keep them alive

In our hearts and soul

With the help of positivity..

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