I. Succulents.

Easy to take care of,

Thrive in some sunlight

Can grow in an assortment of


But prefer to grow out,

Happy perched on top of a window sill.

Great for bookstore shelves and

Instagram feeds.

II. Strawberry Plants.

Sweet, ripe and delicious,

A carnival favorite

Topped with whipped cream and

Chocolate shavings.

Picked in a field among millions of buds,

Laughing, spinning, reaching towards the sun

A family bonding adventure,

One for the memory bank.

III. Roses.

Deadly, silent, conniving,

Always reaching, but never succeeding.

Beautiful and strongly independent,

A woman in full bloom

That you can’t stand to look at

Because you envy, but can’t

Blink because you are afraid she

Will disappear.

IV. Sunflowers.

The center of the show.

Positivity radiates off in waves,

Always smiling and trying

Growing taller and taller towards the sky,

But just shy of reaching the goal.

V. Cilantro

An eclectic taste

Pungent, raw and green,

The Ladybug’s favorite attraction.

The perfect seasoning- if you like it.

The worst nightmare- if you hate it.

Stubborn, sticky, and strong,

You’ll taste it for hours if used wrong.

VI. Hyacinth.

Purple, pretty purple,

A cross between lilac (the color) and

Cerulean (the Crayola crayon).

Fragrant and brilliant in the spring time,

Symbolism for sport or play.