This semester, I took a poetry workshop as one of my classes. Even though the main reason I took it was that one of the classes I wanted to take was full by the time I was set to register, I really liked writing poetry and wanted to write more of it.

I ended up falling back in love with writing poetry and did pretty well in the class. This was one of the poems I wrote for the class. I initially wrote it late at night and submitted it for the workshop because I liked the idea of the poem, but I knew it needed work. I ended up reworking it for my final, and it turned out pretty well. Here it is for all of you.


I used to mock the people who tanned

Questioned why they wanted to look that way

Questioned why they wanted to harm their skin

Mocked the ones that looked orange

I used to love my skin

Loved the way it shone in the light

Loved how soft it felt against my sheets

I used to love pale

I used to love my skin

Loved how it looked with my dark hair

Realized how washed-out I looked

I started to hate pale


I see how everything sticks out

I see those dark marks under my eyes

Still not sure of where they came from

Or if they'll go away

I see those greasy bumps

Appearing nonstop

Like snow-capped mountains

I see scabs and red patches

That always show up

When those greasy bumps leave

This is hard to cover up with makeup

This doesn't look good in fluorescent light

This doesn't look good in a mirror

Or through an iPhone camera

I can feel people's eyes

Staring at my flaws

Quietly judging me

It's karma

I see why people tan

Why they want to hide

Why they need that layer

Why they hate being pale