Poetry On Odyssey: Ode To Purple

Classical music sheets lying on the chairs

Beethoven and Bach played with conviction

Jazzy Canon in D or Ode to Joy

Inviting the brave, the noble, and kind

Slow waltzes throughout hallways in rhythms

Rich and middle couples’ feet in halls,

Step one, step two, step three and four, rocking

Calm, cool, loyalty and compassion ensued

Warm soapy aroma or sexy wine smell

In bathtubs, relaxing with a cup in hand,

Homey, cozy bed, in a little space,

A comforting fragrance leads to spirits

Nutritious grapes in fruit baskets eaten

My aunt’s house on Thanksgiving Day’s feastings

Sweet, light, airy, crunchy bunches of heaven

Grapes in pancakes, grapes in pies, breakfast sensation,

“The Color Purple” theatrical debut show,

Based on Alice Walker’s novel plots

Friends hand in hand, entertainment on a carefree Saturday afternoon

Matching purple clothes, a sign of enduring friendship

England’s Buckingham’s big gates stood,

Royal palaces, luxury dining are possible travel goals

Summertime, or study abroad, my friends

Ambition, royal obsessions from afar

Pope Francis winning disillusioned hearts everywhere

Saint Peter’s Square balcony preaching love

Gentle, kind, accepting man representing Jesus,

Spiritual calming effect on his “flock”

Butterflies surface in springtime, perching

In flower’s petals sucking up nectar’s milk,

Carefree wings beat to the song of Mother Nature

Freestyle dances in the sky, brightening up the day

Word games buzzing up the competition,

Scrabble, what’s the word again, my friend?

Adults and children alike, take pleasure

Stringing tons of words together in families

Self-motivation books aim to inspire,

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”

Teens, adults, or just people looking for a higher self-esteem,

Life is too short to dwell on the small things,

Purple, the color of creativity,

Sweet souls waiting to make impact on others

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