Poetry On Odyssey: Heaven's Grace

Poetry On Odyssey: Heaven's Grace

A poem and prayer for my friend who is battling brain cancer.


Note: This poem is dedicated to my friend, Alysha who is going through brain cancer. May she and all those who are battling cancer find strength in this poem.

Heaven’s Grace

There’s a certain girl,

She’s beautiful and strong.

Her strength and positivity,


Her smile lit up many hearts.

Her hair, a symbol of perseverance

She walks on this earth with grace and love

Touching souls everywhere she goes

She is a gifted artist

A loyal daughter

A kind and beautiful sister

A faithful friend to many.

God, can I ask you a question?

Will you hold her hand and let her know she’s loved?

Will you move her heart and touch her spirit?

Life is so beautiful with her in it.

So I ask You to lift her in Your Hands.

For I know she is strong

With you beside her, she will not fall.

She will be the light, the flower, the mountains, the trees, and the world for many who have known her,

She is Your best creation

She is mercy and compassion.

Please heal her.

I know You are there God..

And I know she’s the one who will be an inspiration

To me, her family, and her friends

Bless her and make her heart sing of gratitude and joy because

She is Heaven’s Grace


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