Poetry On Odyssey: Healing Hands

Healing Hands

A prayer poem dedicated to my doctor on his birthday.

He steps in to my life unexpectedly
He held my legs with gentle hands
A voice of Compassion and Mercy.
A skill of comforting those in Pain.
Strong arms and a knowledgeable brain.
For the past 17 years,
He has been there, through thick and thin,
Like a surrogate grandfather,
His everlasting wisdom and intelligence
Surpasses the trials of life.
Persevering through piles of books, hours of studying, and finally carrying a title to his name--
But with love, he did not wilt.
His patience stretches to the end.
He is the Living Witness of the Lord's love.
And even when I am not aware.
God has blessed me-- with his grace.
Evermore sustaining me until I got up and walk-- slowly but surely, I learn to be strong..
On my own two feet
And even when I fall,
I will get back up again..
Because he believes in me

Lord, can I say thank you a million times.
Even then, my words are not enough.
But bless Him with your Outpouring Love.
And let him be Your Light to those who need Healing.

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