Poetry on Odyssey: Delicate

Poetry on Odyssey: Delicate

People are as delicate as flowers.


They say that people are like flowers.

Fragile and delicate,

Yet remarkable in their beauty.

They live for the sunshine as we live for the light,

Dependent upon the rain that falls from the clouds to nurture them.

In this way, people are like flowers.

We are dependent upon one another,

To help each other grow,

To help each other flourish,

To nurture one another as we share the gifts we have been given.

We are the clouds that produce the rain,

We shine as bright as the rays of sun in the lives of those who show us love.

People are like flowers,

Delicate in every sense.

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5 Free Digital Art Programs Reviewed By A Digital Artist

Well, a relatively new digital artist...

FREE – almost anything that is free is the best. Free books, free supplies- free stuff!

Well, in this digital day and age, not many things are "free." Facebook is free due to advertisements, and some books are free but under the most specific circumstances. These kinds of things could apply to digital art, and I know there's a bunch of artists thinking about going into digital art.

As someone who is relatively new to digital art (I started around February of this year actually), I know the struggle of trying to find the best programs for digital art. As someone who is also broke almost all the time and in college, I don't necessarily have the money to afford good artists programs such as Photoshop.

So, for my fellow broke digital artists out there, I will review 5 popular digital art programs.

Before we start off this list, let me tell you what software I have:

I have the Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft (256 GB, 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5), and I'm currently running on Windows 10.

Let's start this list!

Free Digital Programs

1. Krita

When I was on YouTube looking for free digital programs, Krita was probably one of the first programs I discovered. The program itself looks nice (it kinda looks like Photoshop). However, as I got into the program, I found myself confused and lost. Krita has a bunch of brush options and colors, but the way they are formatted is intimidating. So, I was pretty intimidated. I couldn't even make a piece out of it.

Krita is not recommended for beginners due to how intimidating it is.

2. Fire Alpaca

Fire Alpaca is a drawing app I've gotten accustomed to with my time with digital art. It's pretty simple, and the brush and color options are great and easily accessible. I made a few pieces here and there, so it's usable. After watching a few tutorials, I felt pretty comfortable with Fire Alpaca.

This app is great for beginners, but if you're a tablet use (such as the Surface Pro) erasing with the eraser part of the pen is pretty nonexistent.

Here's a piece I made with it:

3. MediBang Paint Pro

MediBang Paint Pro (or I call it MediBang) is the drawing program that initially inspired me to make this list. I instantly fell in love with this program because it reminded me so much of Fire Alpaca, but it also had more features than Fire Alpaca had (and it's by the same company). This program is friendlier with tablet users (so phones and systems like mine). Things such as pinch zooming and scrolling is a feature on this program.

This app is great for beginners and is ideal for those who have tablet-like software.

Overall, I am pretty in love with this app. Here's a quick doodle I made:

4. Paint 3D

This is what Microsoft is replacing MS Paint with. It's for 3D modeling, but it also does 2D drawings as well. It's surprisingly really smooth and not as bad as MS Paint. The only limiting thing is the format and lack of layers.

This can be used by beginners, and if you don't want to download anything, use this.

5. Paint

Haha, ok, this one is a bit of a joke, but there are people out there that use this program (probably ironically) and make amazing pieces (just look it up on YouTube). Paint is ok, but obviously not ideal.

Beginners can definitely use this. You just gotta put effort into this.

So, if you're thinking of becoming a digital artist, keep these apps in mind. Some (the top 3) are very useful but comes with their own pros and cons. Some (like the last 2) are not traditional but still useful!

Cover Image Credit: Marissa Domantay

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A Million Questions Leftover For My Many Lost Loves

Unanswerable questions to ponder about loves past, present, and future.


How can you claim to love me, yet threaten to leave?

Where do you see your love for me whilst so high up on your pedestal?

Is it possible to love a woman in the midst of her destruction of your own doing?

Have you ever felt the simple joy of existing in my presence, as I did in yours?

Do you know what it's like to be on the brink of losing a lover without knowing why?

Have you tried to convince yourself that it wasn't really over?

Or wanted to take back all you've done to me?

What did you feel when you saw the pain spread across my face?

Does it feel very much like a dream when you picture my face in your mind?

Did you know you would break all your promises as soon as you made them?

When you sought out the perfect woman to replace me, how did it feel to come up empty handed and alone?

Have you ever considered the curious beauty that lies within imperfection?

What makes you think you deserve the perfect specimen of a woman when you are far from perfect yourself?

Weren't you the one who said all of our imperfections are what make us so perfectly perfect?

Why does fear so often rule over our hearts and never courage?

What does it take for a man to fight for a woman who actually wants to be fought for?

How was it so easy to leave after all we've been through?

How was it so easy to inflict the same pain on me that has been inflicted on you?

How was it so easy for you to fall in and out of love with me?

Did you really think it was possible for us to be friends after all of that?

Was I supposed to stand by the sidelines as you searched for another woman?

Why is it that you all pine for the woman who scorn you?

Do you think it's so bad for a woman to finally love you back?

We both said we wish each other the absolute best in our lives, but how could that possibly be true for either of us?

Are you happy that we happened at all?

Where do I stand within your ocean of memories?

Do you remember more than what happened at the very end?

Was it simply not the right time or not the right match?

What does it mean that I deserve better when you continually treated me so poorly?

Do you still remember all the little sweet things I've done for you?

Has any woman ever done them for you since the end of us?

How is your conscience clear following all of your trickery, bullsh*t, and lies?

Can you still think that you're a good person despite all you've done?

How do you come back from that level of vileness?

How could I still love you after all you've done to me?

After all the pain? After all the misery?

How could I still forgive you?

How could I still miss you?

How could I still love you?

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