Poetry On Odyssey: "Always Askew"

Poetry On Odyssey: "Always Askew"

A poem about unattainable perfection.

Brushed them until they bled,

Drank salt water swallowed the red,

Punctured all the words he said,

Stitched lips to the mind, needle and thread,

It will be done again, grooming,

A nip and tuck by his will,

A Burning of the frayed edges,

And it's never finished...

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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How To Talk About Things And Actually Get Somewhere While Doing So

If you are discussing an issue, the root of the conversation should not come from your individual stance, but the possibility of many others and how those stances interact with one another.

Without hesitation, it is easy to notice and point out the flaws within today’s methods of communication. Often, discussion falls into pure argument, debate falls into heated intolerance, open-mindedness turns to blatant ignorance. A world that pushed acceptance and new ideas fell into a pit of toxic individuality; to the point where discussion becomes void.

FIrst of all, individuality in itself is not toxic. Each and every human being has the right to their own voice and their own views on the world. However, it is when those views become completely closed off, completely isolated, that the individuality builds tall enough walls so that the whole world cannot shout over them. But that’s what walls do, they create complication. Everyone seems to be surrounded by a huge individual brick wall, and everyone is trying to scream over each other's barriers. Though, that method is failing because unfortunately, no one can hear through brick walls.

Too often it happens that a group of individuals will begin a discussion, and inevitably, it’ll fall to heated argument and anger. One party will talk over the other, only inspiring the other to do the same. This creates a poisonous cycle that never fails to end in destruction or worse, in the same place it began.

Because discussion is not just about you. If you are discussing an issue, the root of the conversation should not come from your individual stance, but the possibility of many others and how those stances interact with one another. Once you enter a discussion with an open mind and you continue on that way, it is guaranteed that that discussion will end in a very different place than it began.

Furthermore, it becomes a matter of listening. Listen, because if you do not, the opposite party will not do so either. Republicans and Democrats immediately dismiss the ideas and moralities of their opponents; forgetting that it is when those sides can work together that they can make progress. There is always another side to an argument, another suggestion, another claim. However, listening is not agreeing; listening is consideration. Therefore, it should not be thrown into the dust.

It takes a lot of energy to open up to different ideas despite the possibility that they might seem obscene or plan immoral. Some human beings, undeniably, are very prejudice and closed-minded. This needs to be addressed, obviously, but since when should you fight fire with fire?

It’s time for the world to start a habit of consideration. Otherwise, we’re all just dragging around our brick walls, forgetting to see the world.

Cover Image Credit: Flikr via Matus Laslofi

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Get Fit With Me: My Daily Workout Routine

It's not a fad, it's a lifestyle.

When my days of daily sports practices came to an end, I was forced to find my enjoyment of exercise elsewhere, which led me to the gym. Every day I truly look forward to pushing my body and chasing results of working out.

First, a little disclaimer because I am no expert, and everybody is different, so what I do may not work for everyone. However, I have tried to keep these workouts pretty general, which should give every person results.

Step One: Cardio 20 - 30 minutes

I like to change up my cardio pretty often because I will often become bored of doing the same thing in the same spot for too long. So here are my two favorite routines:


The first 15 minutes I spend just walking up the stairs as fast as I can, keeping it at a constant pace. Then the next 15 minutes I slow down the pace and do 4 leg exercises each for 1 minute 3 times. The first exercise is just skipping a step. Then I turn my body and do crossovers, bringing my leg across my body up the stairs, this is a sort of "karaoke" movement. And then I will turn and face the opposite way to work my other leg. Then the last exercise is donkey kicks, where before taking your step up you swing your leg out and up to work your bum muscles.


15 minutes of running increasing my speeds every 2 minutes (this is optional, I just again get bored even running at the same speed). Then I will slow down the pace to a brisk walk and crank the incline all the way and walk for another 15 minutes.

Step Two: Rowing 5 - 10 minutes

I like to warm my upper body with a few minutes on the rower. Usually, I have a goal of 50 cals in 5 minutes or 100 in 10 minutes.

Step Three: Ab work out

I am always switching up my ab routines to ensure that all of my abs and back muscles are getting worked. I will usually pick a 3 or 4 different exercises and do each one 25 times in sets of 2 or 3.

Favorite Exercises:


Russian Twists

Scissor Kicks


Leg Raises

Front Plank / Side Plank

Step Four: Done / Arms / Legs

Sometimes that will be the end of my workout if I am in a hurry. However, if I have time I will do some arm or leg workouts as well.

Arm Exercises: 3 exercises, each 10 times, repeat 3 times

Side Raise with a dumbbell

Tricep Push-ups

Over Head Extension

Dumbbell Row

Leg Exercises: 3 exercises, each 10 times, repeat 3 times


Jumping Squats


Courtesy Lunges

Glute kickback

At the end of your workout, it is very important to stretch and drink lots of water!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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