I wrote this Islamic poem for my best friend's wedding last year. It's from the perspective of a newlywed couple falling in love through their prayers to Allah (swt) for a blessed marriage. All Islamic terms you may find unfamiliar are linked so readers can grasp the definition behind the word and its meaning in the poem instantly! Hope you enjoy and share with your loved ones.

You will know you are falling in love

when sometime during the night,

a rush of nerves jolt you awake to a treasured sight:

your husband's hands raised in dua

and your name spills from his lips

in a plea, "Oh, Allah, let there be barakah in this marriage."

And quite suddenly, a radiant spark will flare in your chest,

brightening the sky like a sunrise,

beaming rays through the prism of fleeting clouds,

burnishing a future so golden, even romantics fail to surmise

the gentle gesture with which he fastens a gift of jewels around your neck.

Your heart constricts with such gratitude

that ricochets in his glistening eyes

from which tears tumble down amid hard times.

You will find the strength to cradle his broken heart,

laid bare to dry under adoring sight.

Though your breath will catch amid fervent prayers

when thunderous storms sprawl across blackening skies,

hailing mercy from our maker: Al-Gafur, Al-Bari, Al-Muhyi.

When the pulse of life in your belly soon marks the birth of a new family,

a jubilant nest of children springing forth towards their destiny

till only an ache in your heart is left to linger

is when he will clasp your hand and count blessings on your fingers.

And quite suddenly, the flame in your chest is doused,

permeating the sky like a sunset,

prolonging light cast upon mourning grounds,

procuring an eternal life so blessed, even skeptics fail to reject

the twinkle of noor that awakes you to a treasured sight:

your husband's hands raised in dua,

and your name spills from his lips,

that is when you will know you have fallen in love.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All resemblance to actual people, places, incidents, or things is completely coincidental.