Poetry On Odyssey: The Chase

This poem was written a year ago and it is about the frustration associated with pursuing someone that is never sure about how he or she feels about you.

Why is it that you can

Never seem to let me go?

You don’t want me but you do

You take me high then push me low

All I ask for is stability

But what you want is a chase.

You want to build up the tower

And let me worry about the base.

You run after me till I slow down

Shedding mercy on your frame

But when I stop, then you leave

To you, it’s nothing but a game.

Why are we spinning in circles

Like a whimsical carousel?

Are the lies too exciting?

Is the truth so hard to tell?

You’re getting me worked up

About something that won’t be

And I try so hard to make you happy

When you’re trying to ruin me.

Can you go and not come back?

Not boomerang or ricochet?

Because when we cut off in April

You’re hitting me up again in May.

Either you want me every moment

Or you’re done forevermore

Either sit down on the sofa

Or leave through the door.

Don’t do this thing where no one knows

Where I’m forever on the edge,

First you squish us close together,

Then between us you drive a wedge.

Maybe it’s just me but this seesaw

Cannot keep swinging like it did

We’re grown up now, we can’t

Keep acting like we’re little kids.

So make up your mind and make a choice

Otherwise let me decide

Cause I’ve gotten over you once,

I think I can do it again if I tried.

The chase has gone on for far too long

The high is not worth the pain

If I keep running towards and away from you

I might just go insane.

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