I already string myself along by a tether,

So I fear if I inch it along further

I will snap the cord,

And oh how terrifying that is;

Not being sure if this one thing will sever

my connection to this place,

Sure, I never liked it all that much,

But it's the feeling of losing formality--that the ball back at me

Keeping everything playing in this court;

Even if, I am just an observing constellation--

A fleck dimly twinkling out the periphery of your eye,

But I always wonder, if I do move my string,

Would I become transcendent?

Will I not belong to this world,

And thrive in my new dwellings?

Will that act of breathing fragrant leaves

Sprout green from my mind, freeing me into splendor;

Cage me in false yellow, blissfully numb;

Or will I float forever in...