you know,

i was breaking before i met you.

i was scared

of being impossible to love.

but then,

you came along.

i was surrounded by

the warm winds

that echoed with your laugh

for once, i felt happy;

i felt loved.

i was willingly arrested;

superficial magnificence

lied upon the visionary hazel artistry.

add your smile

now your squinting eyes glisten

as if the sun was reflecting off ocean ripples.

the reflection must have blinded me,

because I didn't see the hurricane

barreling towards me.

winds turned cold,

light nowhere to be found,

wreaking havoc.

cold winds did more than

you will ever know.

they howled and swarmed

within me.

their darkness and destruction

manifested in me.

when you told me

i was beautiful

a light in your life

your happiness


i trusted the warm wind.

i trusted the sun.

i trusted the hazel soil of the earth.


i trusted the raging darkness.

i trusted the frigid wind.

i trusted you.

because i saw a glimpse

of that glisten in your eye.

the eye of the storm

gave me hope.

i left my house

unboarded and vulnerable;

i thought we could handle it.

the hazel artistry had me fooled;

that all was good.

i should have known;

the eye of the storm is

the best of the worst.

darkness and gusts of wind

were back once again.

i felt the floorboards creaking

walls shivering.

it was deniably breaking.

shattering window glass

floated in your wind

endlessly piercing me.

my house was breaking,

nothing could stop it now.

once a manifestation of beauty,

you made me nothing.

yes, you did it.




you thought you won, didn't you?

little do you know,

i am crafting a home

even MORE beautiful

than before.

and a bonus:

it's hurricane-proof.

you will never


break me again.