Poetry On Odyssey: Drowning Of Ophelia

Poetry On Odyssey: Drowning Of Ophelia

A poem about Ophelia's death in the play Hamlet.

For a while she lay


on the surface of the water,

the fire red of her hair dampening

to a burnt-out auburn,

surrounded by contrasting dots of color –

Crow-flowers, nettles, daisies, long purples…

A floating garden planted shallowly

in the blue-green glass.

Until her roots

finally found a foundation,

and seemingly

she morphed into something aquatic,

her white layers spreading into a fin,

beautifully and naturally enough to be seen

as a true siren, and as if that thought

she herself had, with no

heed to the greedy fingers of current

that started to drag her


she began to sing.

The buds around her

sank with their stem;

like a sword

cutting through air

only to be thrust into a stone

she glided to the bottom of the murky bank:

swift, quick, lethal, and all at once

permanently encased

in the element that surrounded her.

The willow, her solemn grave marker,

wept at the scene,

the urgent rustling of its leaves

screaming wispy cries for rescue

that were lost

among the shrieking protests of the wind,

its woven vines forever reaching

to pull her back.

Cover Image Credit: wikimedia commons

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Cover Image Credit: Fame Focus

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