After many debates whether I should upload my poetry, here's number one. This poem is about my family and gives a little bit of a glimpse of what it was like growing up. Somehow most of my childhood revolved around one room in my house: the kitchen. From days of sitting on the floor for hours petting our golden retrievers to endless life lessons, our kitchen's been molded to our family.

As a kid, it wasn't easy to get up on the countertop

I’d walk into the kitchen while my parents were cooking

I would bring a high top chair over to the counters and climb my way up

I never asked them to pick me up and put me on the counter

They told me to figure it out

I did what they taught me

“honey, don’t leave the oven on”

“don't you worry about them, focus on you”

“Sweetie, don’t forget to watch the timer”

Through the years I would grow taller

I wouldn’t need a chair to reach the cabinets

By then there was only one parent cooking

The other had moved to a house with different counters

I couldn’t get used to them the way I liked the ones here

I guess I always liked being high up

Right in the center of the action

It killed me not to see what was happening

All the experiments

All the fights

All the fun

The counters had seen it all

I guess that was my version of family time

It wasn’t posing for Christmas cards

It wasn’t going on perfect vacations

It was sitting on the counters and talking to my parents

They would cook and have someone to keep them company

I have no trouble sitting on the counters now

I’m tall and don’t even have to jump

But now, I’m not the one sitting on the counter

I’m the one cooking while my mother sits there

Admiring her grown-up daughter

I guess it’s not the tables that turned

The counters didn’t even have to move

We did.