Poetry On Odyssey: Can Anybody Hear Me?

Eyes scream for love,

Hands find nothing but thin air,

Mouth talks, but nothing comes out

At least, not according to them

Then there’s a smile,

It’s not altogether there

Imagine that, a smile that’s not altogether there

On a face so constant...

And when no one can hear,

Well, my heart burns with hurt,

Why can’t anyone hear?

Does anyone care?

I am a human like anyone else,

I have feelings,

I can breathe,

I exist

The world’s big enough for all of us,

For every being to live and play,

To learn and educate

But it’s not enough,

It’s not big enough to provide equal love and care,

To all of us,

And it’s not enough

Until you surrender to your shell

Alone, because you’re tired

Tired of not enough equality

Not enough respect

And not enough listeners

And now, all I have to ask is this:

Can anybody hear me?

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