The wind told me to go,

saying how it would bring me peace.

My ocean heart, calm at its best, suddenly felt overcome by rogue waves.

Heartbeat after heartbeat,

pace increasing,

each begging for me not to show.

Saltwater began filling each lung,

claiming them as overflow compartments.

Oxygen's home was taken over, leaving them with nowhere to go.

Crashing waves of saltwater create whitecaps of angst; my body trembles.

I beg the wind for mercy,

suffering is overpowering me.

Nevertheless, the wind persisted:

"Stay, my dear, peace is upon you. You will hear me amongst the voices.

I may be a whisper, but your soul will hear me louder than the crack of thunder."

"It's nice to see you," he whispered, a whisper spoken in the language of the heart.

I felt the thunder in my soul crack; the ocean rested and the sun shined rays of clarity.

"Peace has arrived, my dear," the wind exulted.