Poetry On Odyssey: Not From Here, Nor From There

Poetry is always up to the interpretation of the reader. However, if you wish to know where in my soul this erupted from, it was confusion.

I am from Detroit but my parents are from Mexico. My heart is not from here nor is it from there. I am a mix of beauty and this is me.

Not From Here, Nor From There

Dos different roads, one more traveled than the other.

Words erupt out of my mouth like a volcano,

no se how to elucidate my mind.

Longest trip on the train of thought,

Two distinct voices, two distinct lives.

Distinct Ambitions, Cautionary Actions,

broken barriers, forsaken fronteras.

Passionate mezcal growing from a sea of tequila,

silk road set spice on a strip of my tongue,

Dressed in knowledge with

a "standard" to my mess, a place for each stone,

no change to choices, absolutely none.

Ode to my identity, singing a soliloquy,

surrender my individuality I shall NOT.

Different ways to say Te Amo, I love you,

Distinct motions to prove it; caressing kiss, mis labios.

Her proficiency was music to my ears.

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