It's crazy that I'm a different person at night than I was that day

In the blink of an eye, my sunny sky changed to grey

Fighting my anxiety, I might win a few battles but I'm losing the war

I've hit my rock bottom, lying on the floor

Convincing myself to be happy is taking too much power

So I'm crying alone as I sit in the shower

Staring at the naked body I don't even like

Swear I'll get up once my phone dies

No water running, just my emotions moving fast

Wondering how long this attack is going to last

Listen to another sad song, let out a silent scream

Nights like these remind me that things aren't as good as they seemed

Eyes closed tight, surroundings shut out

Until my tear ducts have reached a barren drought

I get up and brush it off, get dressed and pretend I'm okay

It's at that moment I remember my God and begin to pray

Wanting the negative thoughts to leave my mind

So I'm counting the reasons to stay alive

Reminded there are more reasons to live than there are to die

The future will be better than the past and present combined

No matter how broken down, shaken and distraught

Even at my worst, I'm stronger than I ever thought

I'm floating just above rock bottom but that's high enough for me

This disease has me shackled but someday soon I will be free