Today, we read sometimes. We read only when teachers tell us to, but even then we do not read the book they assign. However, I remember a time where I used to read for the fun of it. I would go to the library with my bad and he would help me hold the numerous books that I would end up finishing within a week. I have so many other memories regarding books that I just cannot let go. Reading used to be fun for me, but lately, it seems like work, but it should not be like that. Here is a poem to share what books mean to me, and how their worth can not go down.


"Read them,

Or you will do badly".

We have heard that many times

From teachers to even parents.

"You need to read books

To do well on the SAT,"

Another thing we heard time

And time again.

But reading should be us.

We should not have to read and simply discuss.

While not making it seem like a deed,

We should want to read

Books are what we make of them.

We should empty out our ATMs

Only for the ones we want to read.

Sure there are the classics,

Like The Scarlet Letter, that are musts.

But there is also the fiction,

With the weird diction,

That deserves to be read.

So a solution:

Read the required reading,

But do not forget about the little books,

As you progress through the different hooks.