Autumn is…
Pulling apples right from the trees
Stepping on colorful red-orange leaves
Meeting a scarecrow out in a field
Cutting those apples once they're peeled

Lighting up candles just for their scent
Twinkling stars that remove your lament
Picking out straw from your hair to your toes
But laughing with glee as the hayride goes

Smiling through your red and numb cheeks
Breathing the air though cold and bleak
Sipping slowly on hot apple cider
Exchanging the cup for some cocoa from powder

Buying cute sweaters from our trip to the store
Putting them on as you head out the door
Prepping Thanksgiving with all different pies
Watching the happiness glint in their eyes

Snuggling up on the couch in a quilt
Picking the flowers before they all wilt
Wrapping a scarf to fit up your style
Reading books to keep warm all the while