A Poem For The Girl Who Left Her Dreams Behind

Dream, Princess.

Cut the chains of gravity and tumble through the stars.

Jump, reach,

Even when you want to hide under the bed.

Don’t run to the darkness, run to the light.

One candle can brighten a whole room.

Breathe, sing, laugh, cry,

Even when it feels like there’s no air.

It won’t always be beautiful.

Some days we plant roses in dry earth and collect rain in the desert.

One day you’ll realize they didn’t tell you everything,

That there are cracks in the carefully-plastered walls built around your castle.

And on that day you’ll have to fight the dragon yourself.

Take help from heaven’s hand,

Stand up,

And raise your shield again.

You’ve already won because they couldn’t keep you down.

Sometimes you break,

Sometimes you scream,

Sometimes you drown.

And then, phoenix-child that you are, you rise.

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