Dear Self

Dear Self,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for pointing out your flaws every waking day.

I never tell you how beautiful you truly are,

Finding something new to bring you down once again.

I mean no one is flawless but your flaws make you,

And I haven't told you how important they are.

One look in the mirror turns into a judgement session,

Rather than praising you and uplifting you, I tear you down.

Your head is big, hair a mess, pimples are forming, is that a double chin?

Your arms got fatter, your stomach is getting bigger.

There's no chance at romance. I mean girl, just give up.

With a body like that, no one will want you.

Just stop eating, what's so hard about that?

Why are you crying?

God, I'm sorry I'm doing it again.

I focus too much on what society wants from you.

Every change YOU want can only be done for YOU.

Girl, you have to love yourself before others can love you.

Yes, you are a bit chubby than most, small changes can turn that around.

When you look in the mirror,

Remind yourself that you are beautiful. Flaws included.

You should see your eyes first, and notice that they are the sea.

Ready to let lovers dive into your grace.

You should see cupid bow lips, a soft rose pink,

And let us not forget the outstanding person that you are.

Looks and perceptions of others are not what define you.

How you decide to view yourself is how others will see you too.

I'll stop being hard on you, even though sometimes it just happens.

You're worth the world and it is better with you IN IT.