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I recently just got into podcasts and I have found some that are great! They aren't too long and are great to listen to when cleaning the house, but are also pretty great when you have a long drive as you can listen to them to pass the time. I didn't really understand the hype of podcasts but these are really great, so I gave it a try to listen to these and I was surprised with how much I enjoyed listening and how helpful these podcasts ended up being.

1. Young and Ambitious - Emily Elizabeth & Siena Mirabella

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They talk about everything from work, college, organization, health, self-care. They give tips all the time about how to improve your life and they just talk about their life.

2. Manifest - Tori Spelling

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She discusses a lot of different dieting tips and working out tips. If you need a little help with that then this is your podcast.

3. Straight Up With Stassi - Stassi Schroder

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This is basically a gossip column but in speaking form. If you enjoy drama and spilling the tea, then this podcast is for you.

4. Lady Gang

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These ladies talk about everything and are always bringing people in to discuss pop culture and current news.

5. Asking For A Friend - Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conrad discusses everything from social media, decor, photography, organization, and more. If you enjoy listening to someone discuss more home-oriented talks then this is the podcast for you.

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